Freds Mexican Cafe 

Fred's Mexican Cafe in Old Town, San Diego, CA, March 2018 - 5225

Fred’s Mexican Cafe, Old Town, San Diego, California.

Photographs of Fred’s  Mexican Cafe in Old Town, San Diego, CA.  Local restaurant chain serving a menu of Mexican favorites and  margaritas in a funky, festive setting.

All sauces and salsas are made fresh daily at the restaurant using the freshest ingredients. This makes Fred’s dishes lighter, more flavorful and healthier than other Mexican restaurant dishes.

Taste and Style: Fred’s signature recipes combine the best of traditional Mexican cuisine and a healthier style of California cooking. We use the best meats, Certified Angus Beef, boneless skinless chicken breast and fish.

Fred’s Mexican Cafe – Restaurant
Address: 2470 San Diego Ave, San Diego, CA 92110, USA
Phone: +1 619-858-8226

Mexico Silver Coins


Mexico Silver Coins

Descriptions to follow.



Chin’s Cabo Mandarin Cuisine Restaurant

The Shoppes at Palmilla, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur.

Photographs of exterior views and various menu items from Chin’s Cabo Mandarin Cuisine Restaurant located at The Shoppes at Palmilla,  Tourist Corridor, Los Cabos.

Chins Cabo Mandarin Cuisine, exterior view January 2018


chins-cabo-table-dinner assortment

Above menu items include: Combination Fried Rice, Singapore Style Noodles, Spicy Beef, Walnut Shrimp, Orange Chicken, Wonton Soup, and Lettuce Chicken appetizer.

Lettuce Chicken appetizer at Chins Cabo 2018




Orange Chicken

Orange Chicken at Chins Cabo Restaurant. Chicken, onion ,green onion, red chile pepper, wok tossed in an orange sauce.


Walnut Shrimp at Chins Cabo Mandarin Restaurant 2018-1095-2


Spicy Beef Chins Cabo 2018- 0947


Singapore Style Noodles at Chins Cabo Mandarin Restaurant


Combination Fried Rice at Chin’s Cabo Restaurant


We know you’ll enjoy your experience at our restaurant, whether it’s at one of our indoor tables or enjoying the “al fresco” terrace sitting overlooking “The Sea of Cortez”.