Yorktown Battlefield park

Siege-Cannon at Yorktown Battlefield park in Yorktown, Virginia

Images from Yorktown Battlefield park in Historic Yorktown, Virginia taken October 2016. The Yorktown Battlefield marks the end of the American Revolutionary War, though skirmishes continued for another couple of years.  This last great battle involved over 25,000 French army and naval forces, 21,000 British forces as well as 9,000 American soldiers.  British general Lord Charles Cornwallis established a naval base at the colonial tobacco port in the 7th year of the Revolutionary War. Colonial National Historical Park P.O….

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San Lucas Evangelista Catholic Church

Parroquia de San Lucas Evangelista Catholic Church – Iglesia Catolica de Cabo San  Lucas, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico Catholic Church in Cabo San Lucas for  Spanish and bi-lingual masses. This church was constructed in 1730 by a Spanish missionary. Renovations have been done over the years but the structure is rather simple. It is a tribute to the local history because little has changed in its appearance since the original construction. There is no air conditioning, only ceiling…

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