Freds Mexican Cafe, San Diego, CA

Fred's Mexican Cafe in Old Town, San Diego, CA, March 2018 - 5225

Fred’s Mexican Cafe, Old Town, San Diego, California. Photographs of Fred’s  Mexican Cafe in Old Town, San Diego, CA.  Local restaurant chain serving a menu of Mexican favorites and  margaritas in a funky, festive setting. All sauces and salsas are made fresh daily at the restaurant using the freshest ingredients. This makes Fred’s dishes lighter, more flavorful and healthier than other Mexican restaurant dishes. Taste and Style: Fred’s signature recipes combine the best of traditional Mexican cuisine and a healthier style…

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Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Old Town, San Diego, California On July 22, 1917 the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church was opened for divine worship.  Here is a bit of history.  It was here on September 28, 1542 that the first European, the noble Captain Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and his heroic crew landed from two ships, San Salvador and Victoria. Here too, the daring Spanish navigator, Captain Sebastian Vizcaino entered the harbor on November 10, 1602 with three ships and anchored…

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Old Town San Diego Park


Here are a few new photographs taken March 02, 2018. Photos from Old Town National Park in San Diego, California as seen on September 26, 2016. Take a quick tour of  Old Town San Diego. Photos from top: Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception, Old Town, Centro Artesano arts and crafts, an old building, plaza across from the church. Old Town National Park commemorates the early days of the town of San Diego and includes many historic buildings from the period…

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